SPLASH! Magazine revolves around, movies, television, music, fashion and photography. In other words, Pop-culture, something that is and always has been prominent in the way teenagers see and understand the world.


Here at SPLASH! we plan to use aspects of popular culture to represent the different parts of the OIS community, through the different themes we indent to focus on each month.

Using these themes, the magazine will shine a light on an a different aspect of Oberoi's community. We will be doing this through the cover story; by taking photographs, and interviewing the students who are part of the school's sub-communities, be it the theatre kids or the sports players, we want everyone to feel like they are being seen.


The content in each of the the magazine's sectors will correspond to the theme as well; from the kind of movies and TV shows that are recommended, to the trends we focus on in the fashion section.

Get in touch at: splash.magazine@gmail.com